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Nomilex | Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What exactly does NOMILEX do?

NOMILEX takes care of everything pertaining to the Intellectual Property (IP in short) of brands for entrepreneurs. We can support trademark registrations, provide practical advice on protection messages, monitor proceedings deadlines, take care of correct records and archiving for brands, obtain evidence for infringement cases, etc.


NomilexWhat can you compare our services with?

Our services are new. Only for large brand organisations is it profitable to employ staff who are responsible for the meticulous records and procedures with respect to the Intellectual Property of brands. NOMILEX takes care of this for entrepreneurs. You can see us as a kind of internal brand department (taken care of externally) that provides a link between your company and a law firm and trademark office.


We are paid on an hourly basis, so only when you need us. Very convenient.


Are you a trademark office?

No. We are an independent agency and do not register brands. We work together with the trademark office you already use or we approach a trademark office in consultation with you. We are an extension of your organisation with respect to Intellectual Property and the contact person for the trademark office.


Can I do myself what NOMILEX does?

You probably can. However, for many entrepreneurs it is not an everyday matter and it is also very time-consuming. We have the expertise and know what to pay attention to. So we do it faster and you can do what you do best: being an entrepreneur.


Do you only give advice?

No, we give advice and we can do the work for you. We can 'extract' the Intellectual Property from your company and take care of it for you. We also provide training courses for staff in order to make them aware of their influence on how to protect a brand properly.


Are you lawyers or solicitors?

No, we are entrepreneurs with a passion for brands. We are practitioners. If necessary, we do call upon the help of lawyers. We have built a broad network over the years. We can be the link between the entrepreneur and the lawyer.


Do you also provide services for patents?

Yes, for patents you can also use our services. Here, too, it applies that we are not a patent agency, but an extension of your company.


Are you a good investment?

The price level of these infrequent matters is relatively low, but the impact is potentially large when they do occur. You could compare us with a liability insurance. So the answer is YES.


Do you have tips for someone who deals with these kinds of matters (IP)?

Have an eye for detail. Errors which may seem small at present, can haunt you in the future. Obtain good and independent advice.


Can you also help with brand development and innovation?

No, we do not have this kind of expertise, but we can put you into contact with experts via our network.


Why NOMILEX. Brand / Worthy?

A pay-off with a knowing wink. We are convinced that your brand has value. We are happy to organise your brand such that its potential value becomes reality.