We make your Brand our business

Brands are often registered; but how about slogans, unique colours and shapes? Are registrations renewed when logos are changed? Are the rights the property of the holding company or a subsidiary and is this of importance? Does the National Patent & Trademark Office have to be informed about changes of address?


What is the effect of the internet on trademarks? Is a brand properly protected when it is registered in the Benelux, but there are internet commerce opportunities in other European countries? Is a domain registration the same thing as a trademark registration? Is the registration of a domain name sufficient?


What needs to be retrieved from the archives for a trademark infringement court case to be successful? How do I get a new brand name?


NOMILEX is an independent agency that helps entrepreneurs with not-everyday questions in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) of brands. NOMILEX takes care of the accompanying practical and often time-consuming matters. We can do this better because we have the expertise. We make 'your Brand our business'.


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